About us

We are collectors. When we were children we gathered stickers, toys, cards — anything we could get our hands on. We were excited with every new find and often shared this passion with the close ones.

People are naturally drawn to objects. Though it starts innocently, the enthusiasm for collecting often grows to be a bigger thing in our lives than a fad or a hobby. It turns into a lifelong passion.

To celebrate people’s passion for collecting, we created Ownetic — a place where collectors showcase their treasures, share new finds, and meet people with similar interests.

Ownetic houses collections of people around the world — amassed through the years, passed down in family, acquired or found. Objects people collect tell the stories of who we are, the stories of generations that are a legacy of our culture and traditions.

Join in and discover the world of collecting passion.


Our mission is to bring together the collecting community in one, extraordinary place where passion thrives. By creating a way for collectors to share what they love, we empower them to tell fascinating and inspiring stories behind the collected artefacts.

Together, we are on a mission to preserve our cultural heritage and the essence of human creativity for the next generations, by making entire collections eternal and accessible for everyone.


Ownetic founders, Zofia and Mikołaj Dunikowski, continue family traditions of promoting culture, collecting contemporary art and supporting artists in their endeavours. They are the publishers of Poland’s most influential cultural magazine O.pl, and the owners of an expert IT company – Modulus.

Privately, Zofia and Mikołaj are passionate collectors. The idea to build a unique place where the collectors community meets has grown throughout several years of collecting artefacts, promoting culture and collaborating with cultural institutions. Their fascinating collections of contemporary art, unique clocks, stamps, historical photography, posters and books are their cherished treasures and were an inspiration to build Ownetic.


The Ownetic Team is backed by the Asseco Group, a federation of worldwide operating companies and the 6th largest producer of software in Europe, specializing in comprehensive IT systems for all sectors of the economy.